What aspects should we pay attention to when buying indoor wooden door locks?


Indoor wooden door lock is a necessary product for every household. It often appears on indoor wooden doors such as bedroom door and study door. It is one of the supporting products of wooden doors. Indoor wooden door locks are not only rich in style, but also cheap The style is not expensive. There are European style, modern simple style, Chinese style, etc., which are both beautiful and practical. But do you know what aspects should be paid attention to when buying indoor wooden door locks? Now let's go deep Get to know

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing indoor wooden door locks;

1. Consider actual needs

Indoor door locks can indeed decorate the home environment, but they need to be selected according to the actual needs and the decoration style of the home. For example, choose European door locks for European style and Chinese style

Choose Chinese door lock, etc. Therefore, when choosing indoor wooden door lock, you must consider your actual situation.

2. Select the material used

There are mainly four kinds of materials for indoor wooden door locks. The more common ones are zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The door locks made of different materials have different characteristics; Stainless steel door lock is corrosion-resistant and oxygen resistant

Chemical, high hardness, simple and generous style, suitable for dry toilets, kitchens and other environments; The aluminum alloy and zinc alloy door locks have beautiful styles and good touch. They are often used in dry bedrooms, study and other spaces.

3. Engineering and door factory procurement

Engineering and door factory procurement are different. Thousands of families need to purchase in large quantities, and there are specific requirements for thousands of styles. They need to purchase from indoor wooden door lock manufacturers. In addition to rich styles, the purchase price can also be convenient

There are many officials. If the quantity is large, you can also find a manufacturer to open a mold and customize it to produce specific styles.