Lock maintenance tips, you know?


Lock is the most easily neglected hardware accessory in daily life. However, in daily life, we have to deal with all kinds of locks, which play a vital role in security. Most people neglect the management after the lock is installed, and basically do not maintain the lock. Xiaobian summarizes some tips on the maintenance of locks.

1. Some zinc alloy and copper locks will have "long spots" after a long time of use. Don't think it's rust. In fact, it belongs to oxidation. Just spray and wipe with surface wax to "remove spots".

2. If the lock is used for a long time, the key will not be inserted and pulled out smoothly. At this time, just put a little graphite powder or pencil powder into it to ensure the smooth insertion and removal of the key.

3. The rotating part of the lock body should always be kept with lubricant to keep it rotating smoothly. At the same time, it is recommended to check whether the fastening screws are loose in half a year to ensure fastening.

4. The lock shall not be exposed to the rain for a long time, otherwise the small spring in the lock will rust and become inflexible. The falling rain contains nitric acid and nitrate, which will also corrode the lock.

5. When turning the key to open the door, do not pull the key directly to open the door without the lock core returning to its original position.