Intuitive "visual feedback" of locks, and "safety protection upgrade" of Zongyi Hardware Co., Limited assisted locking system


In recent years, consumers and end users are increasingly looking forward to meeting the demand for product and equipment safety in an economic, efficient and reliable way. Equipment manufacturers are facing more and more challenges in protecting valuable and sensitive equipment from failures, human errors, illegal use and increasing threats of network attacks.

At the same time, in the process of protecting important assets and equipment, cost effectiveness, maintenance frequency, integration and operation difficulty and other factors need to be considered. Over-complex security and safety measures themselves will hinder the building of a strong security system.

For industrial designers with innovative spirit, it is a great opportunity to seek a balance between simple operation, reasonable cost and effective safety guarantee. Simple and reliable mature equipment becomes an effective and intuitive solution to challenges.

Assistance of visual indication function

In fact, visual feedback is one of the simplest and most effective methods to ensure the safety of equipment cabinets and panels; Users can immediately obtain intuitive visual information by using various functions integrated in the equipment, so as to know whether the door or access panel is safely and properly locked.

At present, several leading parts suppliers can provide mechanical and electromechanical locks and locking devices, and integrate a series of visual safety and security indication functions in the products. They provide a series of proofs of seeing is believing, which can help design engineers to more easily select and join to meet all their functional requirements, improve the efficiency of operators and help to achieve error-free security.

In the environment where we live and work, visual information related to safety and security is everywhere. In the car, if we try to drive without fastening the seat belt or the passenger door or tailgate is not fully locked, the system will give a voice to remind the driver and remind the driver through the flashing image on the instrument panel.

In warehouses, factories and construction sites, obvious signs have easy-to-understand color image content, which is used to remind people to wear safety helmets or warn the existence of high-voltage equipment, or to identify emergency alarm devices and exits.

Protect valuable infrastructure

In the entire facility environment, we must regularly lock and protect the equipment cabinets, storage rooms and valuable or sensitive equipment of the access panels and doors.

These facilities include large lamps and lanterns in office space, public lobby and commercial environment, as well as telecommunication network equipment and self-service teller machines that are essential in people's daily life. Not only that, the server cabinet in the data center or the cover and cabinet used to place the automated manufacturing system in the factory workshop need higher security control requirements.

If it is not properly locked, each type of facility will bring different risks and hidden dangers:

Public safety: If the panels used to cover fluorescent lamps or LED lamps are not sealed properly, or the external doors used to cover the equipment on the tram or train are not fully closed, these panels and doors may open or fall off accidentally, resulting in danger.

Environmental safety: If outdoor lighting fixtures and utility cabinets are not fully locked after maintenance, rain and snow may seep into the cabinets and damage valuable equipment.

Operator safety: When the manufacturing machine or machine tool is repaired, the cabinet that is not fully locked will usually be connected with the safety lock device to prevent the machine from restarting; Therefore, the operator can restart the machine without hesitation after knowing that the door and door lock have been completely closed through the appropriate indicator.

Network security: systems that interact with computer networks, such as servers in data centers, network devices and wireless cellular stations, have become the target of hackers to steal sensitive data of individuals and enterprises.

Select the correct safety indicator solution

Users can choose from a series of door lock systems with visual indicators to provide appropriate levels of security for the above applications. Select the door lock system with visual indication function to improve the safety, reduce the occurrence rate of maintenance failure, and help improve the operation efficiency.

Keep the panel locked by visual indication

In order to improve the safety performance, some applications require more advanced indication functions to be built into the locking and door locking devices. These applications include high-end self-service equipment, lottery kiosks, self-service teller machines, etc. They need frequent locking and unlocking operations to carry out continuous replenishment and maintenance.

The locking devices on these machines correspond to clear and visible indicators, enabling the end user to know whether the machine or cabinet has been unlocked, so as to determine which compartments need replenishment or maintenance.

A spring metal cover is designed on the compression door lock. Once the cover surface pops open, as long as the door lock is open, the cover cannot be closed; At this time, the user or technician needs to actively ensure that the door lock is locked before the cover can return to its normal position.

Some economical compression door locks include several simple color coding functions; These functions will be clearly visible when the door lock is in the open or unlock position. For example, the door lock is designed with brightly colored high-reflective wing indicators that will pop out from both sides of the door lock when the door lock is opened, so that the door lock can be clearly noticed in the day or at night. This type of door lock is very suitable for lighting fixtures, storage space in public areas or external panels of public transport vehicles, construction vehicles or agricultural vehicles; Because in the above applications, it is critical to verify whether the panel is locked.

Visual indication of the locking status of the monitoring panel

In addition, the lever lock design consists of a small color coded window to display the door lock status. If the indicator window appears green, it means that the door lock has not been opened since the last reset. Once the door lock is opened, the indicator light will change from green to red, and cannot return to green until the door lock is safely closed with the special mechanical key. This function is very useful for ambulances, because after an ambulance is on duty, the standard practice is to replenish all its internal storage boxes as soon as possible. This function allows the maintenance personnel to directly and quickly identify and replenish the storage boxes that have been unlocked without having to carry out unpacking inspection on each storage box, thus reducing the time for the ambulance to suspend service.

This design can be realized by simple modification of mature standard design scheme, thus providing an important advantage for industrial designers. They do not need to redesign the system or change the panel prefabrication to adapt to different door lock sizes or requirements, and can add the visual safety function to the existing access panel design. This not only simplifies the process of adding safety and security functions, but also has no significant impact on costs.