What is the difference between smart locks and traditional locks?


In recent years, AI intelligence has always been at the forefront of the trend, and many companies have integrated their products with intelligence to create new intelligent products. Various black technologies have also been successfully born. Smart locks, as an upgraded version of traditional door locks, have become a trendy product in current door locks, used in various buildings and villas. Many people have also purchased smart locks to replace traditional door locks in their homes.

1、 Smart lock

In fact, the emergence of smart locks {zx1} can be considered as the magnetic card door opening technology used in the hotel industry, which belongs to a type of smart lock. However, compared to current smart locks, they do not have such powerful functions. As we all know, smart locks nowadays have many ways to open the door, which are very convenient, such as password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, card swiping unlocking, remote unlocking, face swiping unlocking, iris recognition, palm vein recognition, and so on.

Different types of smart locks have different ways of opening the door, but overall, it is convenient and reduces a lot of burden. There is no need to worry about losing or not carrying the key. For some people who are nervous and often forget to bring the key, the experience is really amazing. However, smart locks also have some security risks. After all, they are electronic products. If the electronic part is broken or the battery runs out without realizing it, and you don't bring the key when you go home, it will be cool and lock yourself outside. Although the probability of this situation occurring is very low, this hidden danger still exists.

2、 Traditional door locks

Traditional door locks account for over 90% of the usage rate in the Chinese door lock market, which can be said to have been developed for a long time and are familiar to the public. Compared to smart locks, they are definitely lacking in convenience. It is often necessary to prevent losing keys and forgetting to bring them. However, in certain scenarios, traditional door locks are relatively more commonly used, such as in rural areas where houses are relatively large and many households have courtyards. Installing a smart lock on the door can easily lead to damage, as it is not suitable for such scenarios due to wind, sun, and rain. In contrast, in a home where there is a large door outside, the inside is usually not locked, So it's basically not needed. This is also the fundamental reason why traditional door locks are currently more suitable in rural areas.

In the future, it is certain to gradually transform into smart locks. After all, society is changing, and our lives naturally need to change accordingly. When choosing smart locks and smart door locks, we also need to choose according to the actual situation. Different products should be used for different situations. Of course, it is also a good choice to switch to smart locks and experience it.