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Flat locks and linkage locks are commonly used in industrial locking systems.

Can be applied to various indoor and outdoor cabinet equipment, IT communication cabinets, new energy charging station equipment cabinets, etc.

01What are flat locks and linkage locks

Flat lock is a description of this type of industrial cabinet lock based on its morphological characteristics.

The connecting rod lock, through the upper and lower connecting rods, provides an additional layer of protection for the locking system and is an upgrade to the flat lock.

Both flat locks and linkage locks can achieve multi-point locking. This is a simple, efficient, and cost-effective enhanced protection measure. Multi point locking reduces the sound generated by door deformation or vibration. It also solves the problem of large door panels being easily damaged. Make the entire locking system safer and more reliable.

Flat locks and linkage locks are widely used as locking devices for indoor and outdoor cabinet equipment doors.

02 Physical characteristics

1. Structure

It often includes a base with a handle capacity slot, a sliding handle, lock core, lock bolt, and a transmission device located in the handle capacity slot.

2. Waterproof and rust proof

Both flat locks and connecting rod locks can be made of high-strength high-quality zinc alloy and authentic 304 stainless steel materials. There are various surface treatment processes available for customers to choose from, such as spray molding, chrome plating, and galvanizing. The dual combination of material and surface treatment processes helps the product improve its waterproof and anti rust capabilities, without fear of various extreme environments.

03 Function Introduction

Both flat locks and linkage locks can achieve multi-point locking, which can be divided into the following four categories

1. Unlocking style

2. Models with lock cores

3. Lock cylinder+padlock model

4. Optional upper and lower connecting rods, replace the three-point locking tongue according to the specific style, and lock the connecting rod lock through the linkage between the upper and lower connecting rods.

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