The lock provides intuitive visual feedback, and Zongyi Hardware helps to upgrade the safety protection of the locking system


In recent years, consumers and end-users have become increasingly eager to meet their demand for product and device safety in an economical, efficient, and reliable manner. Device manufacturers are facing increasing challenges in protecting valuable and sensitive devices from failures, human errors, illegal use, and the increasing threat of network attacks.

Meanwhile, in the process of protecting important assets and equipment, factors such as cost-effectiveness, maintenance frequency, and integration and operational difficulty need to be considered. Overly complex security and safety measures themselves can pose obstacles to building a strong security system.

For innovative industrial designers, seeking a balance between ease of operation, reasonable costs, and effective safety measures can be a significant opportunity. Simple and reliable mature equipment becomes an effective and intuitive solution to challenges.

The assistance of visual indication function

In fact, visual feedback is one of the simplest and most effective methods to ensure the safety of equipment cabinets and panels; Users can immediately obtain intuitive visual information by utilizing various functions integrated into the device, in order to understand whether the door or access panel is securely and appropriately in a fully locked state.

At present, there are multiple leading component suppliers who can provide mechanical and mechatronic locks and locking devices, and integrate a series of visual safety and security indication functions in their products. The series of tangible proofs they provide can help design engineers more easily select and incorporate features that meet all their functional requirements, improve operator efficiency, and contribute to achieving error free security.

In the environment where we live and work, visual information related to safety and security is ubiquitous. In the car, if we attempt to drive without fastening the seat belt or without fully locking the passenger or tailgate, the system will sound a warning and use the flashing image on the dashboard to alert the driver.

In warehouses, factories, and construction sites, clear signs have clear and easy to understand colored image content, used to remind people to wear safety helmets or warn of the presence of high-voltage equipment, or to identify emergency alarm devices and exits.

Protecting valuable infrastructure

We must regularly lock and protect equipment cabinets, storage rooms, and valuable or sensitive equipment for maintenance panels and doors throughout the entire facility environment.

These facilities include large lighting fixtures in office spaces, public lobbies, and commercial environments, as well as essential remote communication network equipment and self-service ATM machines in people's daily lives. Moreover, higher security control requirements are required for server cabinets in data centers or for covers and cabinets used to place automated manufacturing systems in factory workshops.

If proper locking is not carried out, each type of facility will bring different risks and hazards:

Public safety: If the panel used to cover fluorescent lamps or LED lights is not properly sealed, or the outer door used to cover equipment on trams or trains is not fully closed,

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