Improving the Safety of Door Locks is the Key to Intelligent Hardware Locks


At present, with the development of pillar industries such as real estate and automobiles, the improvement of living standards, and the increase in home decoration, the demand for locks is increasing, greatly driving the consumption upgrade of the market and promoting the rapid development of the industry. Locks have improved both in terms of technology and level. Intelligent locks with excellent quality and high technological content, such as double tongue double opening safety locks, electronic password spherical locks, and encrypted magnetic card locks, have been launched, which is the best performance. With the rapid development of lock products and technologies both domestically and internationally, the super gold mine in the lock market is gradually emitting dazzling gold.

It is understood that the lock cylinder of the intelligent door lock is designed with a built-in radial clutch, which improves the impact resistance of the door lock and makes it safer and more reliable. Moreover, the intelligent door lock also adopts intelligent coding technology to resist strong light interference, reduce the power consumption of the door lock, and reduce the frequency of replacing the door lock battery.

The reason why it is intelligent is because it has been added with high-tech and intelligent elements such as touch screen, password, fingerprint, remote control, wireless, card swiping, etc., which further demonstrates humanized care. Middle and high-end smart door locks have these security protection functions, which can greatly ensure the safety of users' lives and property. "said Ye, the head of the Weixin Hardware Product Business Department at China Science and Technology Hardware City.

The Door Expo is approaching, and since mid April, the store's business has improved compared to the previous few months. There is a continuous stream of customers who come to place orders through phone calls, and mid to high-end smart locks account for the majority of sales. As the "gateway capital of China", Yongkang locks are also a supporting product of the door industry, and the update frequency is much higher than that of the surrounding counties (cities) in the market. The scene of wave after wave of merchants coming to stock up is naturally not uncommon.

In addition to smart locks with high technological content and high added value, some ordinary door locks on the market have also occupied a place in the mid to high end lock market due to their high cost materials and stunning exterior design. Antique locks are one of them. Although its anti-theft performance is not strong, it is highly favored by consumers as a decorative lock. Due to the complexity of using antique locks, some consumers are not good at using them, and they are rarely used at home. This is also one of the reasons why antique locks have not been fully popular. In addition, antique locks are generally handmade, and the market price is relatively high. Nevertheless, business owners firmly believe that with the trend of antique design becoming an international trend in various industries, antique locks will also have their own market.

Industry insiders should believe that although mid to high-end lock products have become the mainstream consumer trend in the market, the industry still needs to work hard in multiple aspects to reach a higher level. In terms of production technology, we should focus on surface treatment and processing techniques to improve product durability and decoration. At the same time, we should also develop and apply the latest technologies and materials to save energy and reduce pollution. In terms of marketing, we will increase efforts to adjust the product structure, select the right entry point, prioritize high-tech and high value-added door locks as our research and development focus, implement the brand strategy, further enhance brand awareness, strengthen quality management, strictly adhere to quality standards, and cultivate a group of industry brands with hard quality and high reputation.
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