The release event of the People's Safe Consumption Guide for Lock Products was held in Beijing


The "Release Activity of Safe Consumption Guide for Scientific Production of Lock Products", sponsored by China Hardware Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and co organized by China Consumers Association's "China Consumer" magazine, was recently held in Beijing. This event invites representatives and experts from relevant enterprises to express authoritative opinions on issues of common concern to consumers, such as lock level, lock safety, and how to purchase locks.

The theme of this activity is "science promotes development and consumption with confidence", which aims to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the process of replacing Class B lock cylinder with Class A lock cylinder, improve consumers' awareness of lock safety, and enable consumers to achieve scientific cognition, rational choice and correct consumption in lock consumption.

According to the relevant survey of the China Consumers Association, it is found that more than 50% of users are still using Class A locks, and most of the locks used in some old residential areas are of this type. The China Consumers Association pointed out that with the development of unlocking technology, the safety of this type of lock has decreased. Although some anti-theft locks are equipped with multiple layers of rotation circles to improve the safety of the lock, no matter how many rotation circles the lock has, thieves can successfully crack it in seconds.

It is reported that the current A-level anti-theft lock keys on the market mainly include flat keys and cross keys. The internal structure of the A-level lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the variation of the marbles, with few and shallow marbles. The A-level lock cylinder can be opened in less than 1 minute using techniques and tools such as a striker, needle shaped lock opener, torsion wrench, tin foil opening, and master key, resulting in a very high mutual opening rate. Class A lock cylinder marble structure is single row marble or cross lock. The B-level lock key, on the other hand, is a flat key with double row marbles, which differs from the A-level lock in that the key surface has an additional row of curved and irregular lines. There are three main types of lock cores: computer double row lock cores, double row crescent lock cores, and double-sided blade lock cores. The anti technical opening time is within 5 minutes, and the mutual opening rate is high. By using a strong twisting tool, the lock cylinder can be opened within 1 minute. The super B-class locks and C-class locks currently appearing on the market should belong to B-class locks in order to meet the basic requirements of national B-class locks.

However, for ordinary people, apart from distinguishing from the shape of keys, it is difficult to distinguish from technical, performance, and other perspectives. Therefore, it is necessary for the hardware lock industry to popularize and interpret locks, related products, and technical standards to ordinary consumers in a concise and concise manner.

At the same time, in the lock consumption market, consumers do not understand the technology, craftsmanship, and quality of enterprises, while enterprises do not know what consumers' real consumption intentions and needs are. There is a lack of effective communication platforms, and information between both sides of the market urgently needs to be communicated. So the hardware lock industry should effectively leverage its various advantages and jointly fulfill its social responsibility to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, which is also the original intention of holding this event.

During the activity, leaders, guests and experts from the China Consumers Association, international organizations and relevant departments explained and elaborated lock related knowledge from the perspective of active and passive safety, such as lock safety, consumer demand, international lock safety and relevant experience, which improved consumers' awareness of lock level and lock safety.

In addition, representatives from enterprises such as Guangdong Jindian Atomic Lock Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Jixin Lock Core Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Jusen Hardware Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. popularized lock related knowledge to consumers in terms of technology, research and development, structure, process, and intellectual property rights, and demonstrated the differences between A-level and B-level lock cores to consumers on site.

It is reported that the event also released the "Guide to Safe Consumption of Lock Products for People". From the perspective of production and consumption, the guide puts forward normative opinions for production enterprises to standardize production, and provides guidance for consumers to choose qualified and safe lock products, so as to finally achieve the goal of scientific cognition, rational choice and correct consumption for consumers in lock consumption.

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