How to Realize E-commerce Channels in the Development Direction of the Pulse Lock Industry


With the rapid growth of China's economy, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of locks. The gradually improving growth of the lock industry is certainly commendable, but Chinese lock industry people still need to recognize the reality of the industry: although China is a big lock country, it is not a strong lock country, and those expensive "foreign" locks are still "imported". Facing the future, China's lock industry needs to forge ahead, break free from the quality cancer of "opening multiple locks with one key", and transform into a "powerful leader". According to 2014 statistical data, the annual sales volume of locks in China can reach as much as 2.2 billion sets, and the annual commercial market demand for fingerprint locks alone can reach 5 million sets. At the same time, the demand for the civilian market is also constantly growing. The domestic lock industry has an annual sales revenue of over 40 billion yuan, a production capacity of over 2 billion sets, and an annual export value of over 10 billion yuan. It is predicted that in the future, China's lock market will continue to grow at a rate of over 20% per year.

Prediction of the Future Development Direction of the Lock Industry

We cannot accurately grasp the lifeline of the development of the Chinese lock industry market, but we can predict the future development direction of the lock industry based on the current market trend.

(1) The potential of the automotive lock market is enormous: According to the "2015-2020 China Automotive Service Industry Market Trend Forecast and Trend Analysis Report" released by Bosi Data, China's automobile production reached 23.895 million units in 2014, a cumulative increase of 7.1%. The continuous growth of automobile production and sales has provided a significant development space for the automobile lock market. The frequent occurrence of car theft cases has also made private car owners pay more attention to the choice of car anti-theft locks, indicating the huge potential of the automobile lock market.

(2) Xintiandi, the rural lock market: With the strong support of national policies for rural areas, rural changes are very big, and farmers' living standards are getting higher and higher. The first thing for farmers after they become rich is to build houses. More houses are built, the demand for locks will increase, which is undoubtedly good news for the lock industry.

(3) Insert core door locks are the development direction: However, there are not many manufacturers of insert core door locks in China, with small scale, low level, and relatively simple functions. Therefore, with the development of the market, insert core door locks will be a development direction. From the current situation of the lock market, it can be seen that mechanical locks will continue to dominate the lock market for a considerable period of time. Mechanical locks mainly include plug-in door locks and spherical door locks, and the development potential of plug-in door locks is significantly higher than that of spherical door locks. Firstly, the use of plug-in door locks is much superior to spherical door locks. Secondly, plug-in door locks are easy to escape in fires.

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