​With the continuous upgrading of household consumption demand, the furniture hardware industry is receiving more and more attention from people.


In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of household consumption demand, the furniture hardware industry has attracted more and more attention from people. Not only has it brought huge business opportunities to furniture manufacturing enterprises, but it has also improved the development level of the entire industry.

According to industry experts, the furniture hardware market has entered a stage of intelligent and flexible development. More and more hardware accessories are adopting intelligent design and manufacturing technology, becoming an essential and important component of home life. Furniture and hardware companies are also constantly exploring new technologies and materials to adapt to the constantly changing market demand.

Meanwhile, with the continuous improvement of environmental awareness in home furnishings, furniture and hardware companies are actively promoting the concept of environmentally sustainable development, developing and launching more environmentally friendly hardware products to better meet the needs of consumers. Furniture hardware accessories are gradually transitioning from individual products to overall solutions, providing consumers with complete and personalized home solutions.

In the future, the home furnishing market will face increasingly complex and ever-changing consumer demands and fierce market competition. Furniture and hardware enterprises need to continuously explore technological innovation, material research and development, and design and manufacturing to bring more and better home accessory products and services to consumers, leading the home hardware industry to continuously mature and develop.

Zongyi Hardware Co., Limited is a company which specialized in development, design, production and distribution of door and furniture hardware since 2015.

Zongyi has more than 200 employees, including 10 professional technologists, and about 80 management and sales members. We have advanced automatic production line and quality control system.

We have invested actively in Jiangmen, Foshan and other areas for manufacturing locks ,hinges ,handles and fittings for home decorating. Our products mainly include door lock, door hinge, door accessories, furniture handle, barn door hardware, furniture fittings and so on.