Zongyi located is a company specializing in the production of home decoration hardware products


Hardware products for home decoration, including locks, hinges, handles, and accessories, are all used to decorate and enhance the practicality of home building structures and furniture. The function of these home hardware products is not only to beautify the home and facilitate daily use, but also to have safety, firmness, and durability to ensure the safety and stability of the home.

Locks are key hardware products that control the entry and exit of homes. High quality locks should be used to ensure the safety of the home; Hinges are an important part of home hardware products, which can fix furniture together and ensure structural stability; Home handles make it easier for people to open doors and windows, improving the comfort and practicality of the home; Other accessories include pulleys, expansion pipes, bases, and retainers, all of which can enhance the stability and aesthetics of a home in various situations.

In short, hardware products for home decoration play a very important role in home decoration, which can effectively enhance the practicality, comfort, and safety of the home. Therefore, when choosing these products, consumers should choose high-quality hardware products and consider their quality, safety, and practicality from multiple aspects.

Zongyi located have invested actively in Jiangmen, Foshan and other areas for manufacturing locks ,hinges ,handles and fittings for home decorating. Our products mainly include door lock, door hinge, door accessories, furniture handle, barn door hardware, furniture fittings and so on.

we have a number of advanced production machinery & equipment including: forging machine,casting machine,processing center,CNC lathe,automatic milling machine,drilling machine,saw machine,line cutting machine,punching machine,water grinding machine,auto cleaning machine,salt spray test equipment,etc.